The 4 Smart Home Devices to Make Your Apartments Smart

Deciding which devices you need to create a strong foundation for your Smart Apartments. Choosing the right devices, platform, and more to make your apartments smart can be confusing. Making the right choices can make all the difference.

Smart Hub: 

The Smart Hub is the brains of the operation. This is what all of the devices interact with to be able to control them wherever you have access to the internet.

The Smart Hub should have cellular connectivity so that you don’t have to depend on your residents wifi or implement a community wifi system. The cellular connectivity also allows for you to control the devices from your Enterprise Dashboard when the unit is rented or vacant.

Smart Locks: 

The residents journey starts at the front door and that starts with their deadbolt. Giving your residents the opportunity to access their home using a 4-digit PIN code or being able to lock their home remotely gives them an extra sense of security that a standard keyed lock can’t. 

This also increases the feeling of living in a modern, luxurious apartment as opposed to a standard apartment that uses keys. With modern living comes modern technology, for example you and your resident will be able to view an activity log showing whether they, your maintenance team, or other users accessed the apartment using their code and when it was accessed. 

Smart Thermostat: 

From my experience the Smart Thermostat is that piece of technology that always comes in handy when you’re least expecting it. Being able to decrease energy costs is nice but leaving out of the town for the week and being able to turn down the A/C to save money while you’re gone doesn’t only feel nice financially, but feels like you’re able to help the environment. 

A study done by AMLI Residential in 2020 showed, “ 83% of residents believe living in a green apartment is beneficial to their health, a 3% increase over last year. Residents chose fresh air initiatives, energy-efficiency savings on utilities and smoke-free living as their top three green features.” and the Smart Thermostat is a great way to reduce energy expenditure.

Water Management: 

Finally a good Water Management Solution doesn’t just alert you to leaks in one of your apartments but also shuts off the water to that specific apartment preventing further damage. 

The average flood/freeze insurance claim costs $11,098, not to mention lost income due to vacancy. With a good Water Management Solution that price could be reduced down to a couple hundred dollars and a few towels to clean up the leak. 

These 4 Smart Apartment devices will help you build a strong foundation to your technology initiatives that will last for many years to come.