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Smart Apartment Enterprise Dashboard

For Owners

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Boost Revenue

Boost Revenue by giving residents an amenity that they will use everyday.

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Retain Residents

Smart Home Technology will help you to retain residents for longer.

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Stay Connected

Stay Connected to your property through our Enterprise Dashboard!

For Residents

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Secure by giving residents control through a mobile app.

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All devices will be connected through one app making it convenient for tenants.

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Peace of Mind

Your tenants access to smart security and locks will give them peace of mind.

86 percent of millennial renters who live in multi-family dwellings are willing to pay more for a "smart" apartment.

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Smart Apartments - Smart Package

Our Smart Package gives you everything you need to give your tenants a smart home experience. This package includes an Automation Hub, Remote Door Lock, and a Smart Thermostat that can all be controlled remotely from their smart phone, smart watch, tablet, or computer.


Smart Apartments - Secure Package

Our Secure Package includes everything you need to make your tenants feel safe when they are at home or away right from their smart phone or other device. It includes a Smart 7-inch Touchscreen Control Panel, 2 Door Sensors, 2 Water Sensors, 1 CO Detector, and 1 Motion Detector to secure the premises.

Smart & Secure

Smart Apartments - Smart and Secure Package

The Smart & Secure Package combines the 2 packages allowing your tenants to automate and secure their new home. This package includes a Smart 7-inch Touchscreen Control Panel, 2 Door Sensors, 2 Water Sensors, 1 Automation Water Valve, 1 CO Detector, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Remote Door Lock, and 1 Smart Thermostat.

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What is the Enterprise Dashboard?

The Enterprise Dashboard gives you and your team full control of your entire property from a single easy-to-use platform! Manage units, tenant and contractor access, as well as clubhouse access all from the Enterprise Dashboard. Don't have time to manage another piece of software? No problem, we can manage it for you!

Smart Apartment Enterprise Dashboard

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How does the hardware get installed in the my apartments?

"Owners and operators who have not added smart-home features will find themselves falling behind their competitors. Waiting for a future-proof technology, a top concern cited in the survey, will prove fruitless if the industry continues evolving as it has during the past several years."
-Nation Apartment Association

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